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WIX is for Kids!?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

For the longest time I thought WIX was like a toy, something that was child's play and not for the serious webmaster. Just for kids. I Was Wrong! Recently I experienced a major crash of my hosting account and all websites in it because of a malicious malware infection that rendered all my sites useless. I was told by my hosting company that I needed to purchase security protection which was going to cost $200 per website per year. Now I was a WordPress user for 8 years and thought WordPress was "IT". Well I learned it is not "IT" except for being the biggest target of internet hackers and resulting massive malware infections. Things have changed greatly concerning internet security...and not for the better.

So when I say WIX is for kids I must clarify that this was the mindset I had BEFORE the crash of my websites. After the crash I was prompted to explore other options. I was looking for a website platform that would be protected by the umbrella of one total all-in-one solution. I looked at many. When I began to play with the WIX platform I was soon hooked. It was so intuitive and easy to use that I could not leave it alone. Yes, it was in fact child's play in the ease of use category yet it was a definite leap to a new level of creative expression and sophistication. It was more like painting on a canvas. I no longer had to worry about updating all the plugins, themes, backup solutions and many other time consuming activities that are inherent in WordPress. I was set free and my creativity could flow unbroken by evil technical issues. In essence, a bad situation turned out to be a real blessing in that it led me to an amazing way to make websites without worry. I am talking about WIX. Child's play combined with elegance. I like that.

I am now a WIX fan and although I still work with some WordPress sites it won't be long until I am set totally free from that intense and worrisome system. Please, this is only my opinion based on my own personal experience so I apologize to any WordPress fans who might be offended. I do want to encourage anyone who would like to build their own website or learn to build a website to discover the joy of working with the WIX solution. If I had to give you one metaphor to convey the idea of what I have expressed so far in this blog post it would be that of a 100 piece puzzle. WordPress is a platform which makes a beautiful picture and beautiful websites are created by assembling the pieces of the puzzle which come in all sizes and shapes. The problem is that all pieces of the WordPress puzzle must be identified and properly set and maintained regularly or the puzzle will not be complete. In fact it becomes extremely vulnerable to hackers when it is not complete. If just one piece is missing or broken it opens the door for a virus or hacker to come in and break it all down. That is what happened to me. All your work down the drain or spend hundreds or even thousands to fix it. WIX is an entire picture and not a puzzle that has to be assembled. The system is already assembled by their own incredible and brilliant tech team. They have put together the pieces so you don't have to. So for the user like you and me there are no pieces. It is just one big piece beautifully integrated and intuitive and protected which allows you to be creative and enjoy making websites without high level technical stress or worry. Now that's for me.

Thanks for visiting and if I can help you to Kick Start your WIX website please contact me. The fact is most will not need help to get started at all but some are inclined to get a quick start and that is where I come in. Together we will Kick Start your WIX website and possibly your new journey into the world of website development. Thank you so much. If you want to drop me a note please do. If I can help let me know.

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